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Tanzania's Best Game Lodges And Safari Campsites


Who doesn't appreciate having a place to stay when traveling? Of course, we all want our trip to be enjoyable and to give us a sense of home, right? Tanzaniais worth visiting because, in addition to having beautiful places to visit, it also has excellent accommodations.

Here is the overview for you.

Tanzania's Offer

Room with wooden wall with bed inside and romantic set-up of table outside
Room with wooden wall with bed inside and romantic set-up of table outside

It's possible for you to choose from a wide range of Tanzanian safari lodges, as well as tent camping, for most of their northern circuit safaris.

In Tanzania, they can also offer you a wide range of Tanzania travelaccommodations, each of which has an impact on the total cost of your trip, but they can still give you the widest range of safari budget options.

Check these lodges and campsites they are offering.

Luxury And Semi Luxury Game Lodges

The luxury and semi-luxury Tanzania travel lodgesare usually in great places. Rooms are well-designed and of very high quality, and they have great views of the game parks.

These Tanzania game lodges belong to either the Sopa or Serena lodge groups. The Serena lodges are more expensive, but they are also the most luxurious.

Standard Game Lodges

There are standard game lodges that look like three-star hotels. Some travellodges have swimming pools, a bar, and all of the food is served in restaurants, so they are good places to stay. There are en-suite bathrooms in every room and they are air-conditioned. This is good value for money when you're on a trip.

Permanent Tented Camps

The quality of the accommodations at the permanent camps is about the same as or better than at the standard lodges. The tents are large, with canvas sides, and are set up on platforms. In all of the tents, there is a:

  • Private bathroom with hot showers.
  • They all have good restaurants, bars, and swimming pools.

There are a lot of Tanzanian national parks that don't have tented camps. Choose this option if you want to go on a safari. If there isn't a tent camp available in a Tanzanian national park, you'll stay in a standard hotel and your safari will be charged accordingly.

What Is The Price For Luxury Lodges In Tanzania

This is what happened over the last 30 days: There were luxury lodges in Tanzania that cost as little as £105, but they usually cost more like £287. In USD it is 386.82.

The 3 Best Campsites In Tanzania

Kasuku Villa- campsite in Jambiana Beach.

Kasuku Villa is in Jambiani, about 150 meters from Jambiani Beach and 350 meters from Paje Beach. It has a bar, a garden, and free WiFi.

Kivulini Bungalow- campsite in Nungwi Beach.

Kivulini bungalow in Nungwi has rooms, a restaurant, a shared lounge, a garden, a private beach area, and a terrace with garden views. Free WiFi is available all over the place.

Migombani Camp- campsite in Mto wa Mbu.

You can enjoy lake views from Migombani Camp, which is in Mto wa Mbu. It has a restaurant and a 24-hour front desk; there's also a bar in the garden, an outdoor pool that's open all year, as well as barbecues in the garden. Campers at the campground can use both WiFi and a private parking lot for no extra charge.


Great! Isn't it? These suggestions and information above encourage us to visit Tanzania's beautiful lodges and camping grounds. Camping has some advantages, such as providing peace and quiet and improving one's mental health. So, what are you waiting for? Book now to take advantage of their best offer, which you will not be disappointed with.

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