Steven J Posner

Coming off a speed ascent of Kilimanjaro, our crew felt great. Rather than needing a day or rest, some of us wanted to get moving on a safari that we had not planned for. On the bus ride back to our hotel, I sent a message to Manasseh about wanting to organize a safari for the next day. By the time we got back to the hotel, he already had various options lines up. Since we were a varied gourd with different schedules, Manasseh ending up staying till 10 PM organizing various different safari plans for the next day. He booked everything in record time.

I was so blown away by Manasseh’s commitment to make sure we had a great plan. Not always easy to do this on the fly and late at night. I only had time to do a one day safari at Ngorongoro before going staring to the airport, but it was fantastic. Manasseh had booked us at a wonderful little hotel (Eileen’s Trees Inn) which had the friendliest staff I have ever witnessed in a hotel. Shame we did not have time to enjoy the pool and hotel environment.

We had Jackson as a guide (he was also the guide on the Kili trek)…We woke up early to be at the gate by 6 AM and had an amazing safari seeing many of the animals that we wanted to see.

We then finished off the safari with a visit to Masai tribe, which was a unique experience although felt a tiny bit touristy…the tribe members were very friendly and really have to have us, but it the end felt a bit pushed to buy crazy expensive Masai artifacts. Would highly recommend this group for any Safari.