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How To Choose The Perfect Safari Outfit To Wear


You want your safari attire to serve you in other ways, such as protecting you from the elements and mosquitoes, in addition to looking trendy in your Instagram photos. We go over what to wear and the surprise explanation for why blue is not appropriate for a safari outfit.

How To Choose A Safari Outfit

These are the guidelines we advise you follow to determine your safari outfit, regardless of where or when you go on a safari:

Wear Long Sleeves And Pants

Wearing long sleeves and pants keeps your skin covered, shielding you from the wind, sun, and insect bites. While many sites in Africa might get incredibly hot, remember that others can also get downright freezing!

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When you go on a safari early in the morning or late at night, this is particularly true of many inland locations.

If you're going on a walking safari or a game drive where you may occasionally be allowed to exit the car, long pants are extremely helpful. This is so that they can prevent your legs from getting bit or scraped.

Pick Colors That Are Neutral And Earthy.

On a safari, the goal is for you to see wild creatures, not for them to see you. So you want to blend in with the environment as much as possible to avoid bringing undue attention to yourself. This is especially true of biking or walking safaris, which offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with some creatures.

Avoid wearing camouflage apparel because several African countries only allow it for military use. However, earthy tones and neutrals like brown, khaki, and grey are suitable color choices.

White, cream, and other light colors are typically best avoided because they will highlight any dust and filth. The colors blue and black can actually make it harder to stay cool.

Don Closed-toed Shoes

If you're going on a safari where you get out of the vehicle, like a walking safari, closed-toed shoes are very vital. Please take care to protect your feet because the terrain may be uneven, thorny, or home to snakes and other animals.

For walking safaris, the recommended footwear is a sturdy pair of well-worn hiking boots and hiking socks. To avoid getting bitten by a snake, some people even choose to wear gaiters when they go on safari treks.

Bring A Suitable Sunhat.

In order to avoid sunburn and potentially heatstroke, you should wear a sunhat on safari. A hat with a large brim is significantly superior to a sports cap since it shields not only your face but also your neck. It's not a good idea to wear a peak or visor without a crown because your head could get very hot, especially if you have a part, thinning hair, or balding.

Don't Wear Jewels

Just look at the outrageous prices for the majority of jewels in Bernardine to see how valuable jewels are both materially and economically. It's best to stay away from using these items if you want to prevent potential threats to your life (such outlaws and illegal hunters).

Avoid Wearing Cologne Or Perfume That Is Too Potent.

You don't want the nearby wildlife to flee because of your offensive-smelling perfume or cologne. Leave the smell of the wild outdoors to the animals and your fellow safari-goers. (However, please don't skip using your morning deodorant; nobody is urging you to do so!)

Safeguarding Against The Cold

Since animals like to move around and hunt during the cooler portions of the day, game drives frequently take place in the early morning and at sunset. These early-morning and late-night game drives can be uncomfortable, if not downright frigid, depending on your location and the time of year.

Sunburn And Heat Protection

The sun can be very powerful because many African safaris take place in extremely hot climates. A lot of humidity is also possible. To prevent sunburn, you must wear protective clothing. Additionally, you can burn completely through cloud cover on cloudy days.

Woman riding a camel in a Sahara desert safari
Woman riding a camel in a Sahara desert safari

A Defense Against Insects

The one type of animal you don't want to encounter on an African safari are the indigenous insects. From a comfort and safety perspective, your safari wardrobe must take these animals into consideration.

The fact that they shield you from insect bites is one of the main justifications for suggesting long sleeved tops, long pants, and closed-toed shoes. Additionally, we specifically have mosquitoes in mind, even though other insect bites are only a nuisance. In malaria-prone areas, there are lots of safaris in Africa. Therefore, avoiding mosquito bites is crucial.

People Also Ask

How Should You Dress For A Safari?

  • Wear long sleeves and pants.
  • Wear closed shoes.
  • Bring a proper sunhat.
  • Avoid strong perfume or cologne.

What Are Safari Outfits Called?

A safari jacket, bush jacket, or "shacket" is a type of clothing that was originally made for traveling on safari in the African bush. A safari suit is created by wearing it with shorts or pants.

Can I Wear Grey On Safari?

Therefore, breathable clothing in neutral tones like cream, khaki, Chinos, or grey is ideal for game drives and walks.

Save your shorts for the daytime since at night you'll want to cover up to prevent mosquito bites, especially in locations where malaria is a problem. It is recommended to wear a Rogue Long Sleeve Shirt in Safari Light Brown.


There you have it, then! Now that you know what to bring, you can travel safely and comfortably on an African safari. It is entirely up to you how you style your own safari outfit.

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