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Tanzania Sample safari Holidays

We are proud to offer safari holidays all over Tanzania – from the best of self-camping trips to the best of safari lodges and luxurious, mobile camps. Let us design a safari itinerary just for you. There are so many great safari holidays destinations, that we can’t possibly show them all.

A good starting point is to decide the kind of safari holiday that you would like as well the type of animals that you are would like to see. Timing could also be a important consideration, so some game parks and areas will be more suitable at certain times of year. Our professional consultants want to ensure you get the best possible chance to see Tanzania’s wildlife in optimum conditions.

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris. Com has compiled a comprehensive list of sample safari holidays to most of Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves. These sample itineraries cover a wide range of safari holidays possibilities, ranging from 1 day to 8 day itineraries including luxury lodges, camping, mobile, lion and even Masai safari holidays. They represent samples of our most popular safari itineraries but can be change to suite your own individual or group preferences and needs.

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris. Com can also offer you custom made individual safaris on request. We can offer you personal safari holidays to match your choice of activities, comfort and budget – please contact us for further information in this regard.

The safari holidays listed on this page are samples of the many different options for your safari. Please click on the links above, which will take you to the selected sample safari holiday itinerary. These Tanzania itineraries above may also be used as a guideline to customize your holiday to meet your specific dates or group size.