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Terrible Accidents In Safaris


The experience of going on safari can be thrilling and unforgettable. However, despite all the excitement, guides are keen to emphasize that safaris are not trips where you can relax by doing nothing but people always need to be alert to accidents in safaris.

Accidents In Safaris

Many wildlife preserves and safaris exist to spread awareness about the disappearing natural habitat of some of the most stunning and fascinating plants and animals on the planet.

But sometimes, when we get too close to the homes of these natural predators, the results can happen very quickly and be very bad.

Being Dragged Off By A Lion

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When Katherine Chappell traveled to South Africa in 2015, she was 29 years old. She didn't simply do this for the holiday; she also wanted to do it to conserve the nation's fauna.

She traversed the nation's natural parks with a camera in order to complete this mission successfully. As reported by KickerDaily, on one of these excursions, a lioness attacked her and pulled her away. Unfortunately, she did not make it through the assault.

Lion standing in a rock
Lion standing in a rock

A Lion Killed A 22-year-old Woman In 2018 By Mauling Her To Death

A 22-year-old woman was murdered by a lion while on vacation at a game reserve south of Pretoria, South Africa, as she was taking pictures outside the camp's fenced-in area. While pursuing an impala (an antelope), a lioness came across the young lady instead.

Prior to the incident, the victim, who was visiting a friend and not staying at the camp, planned to speak with the camp's manager.

In Rwanda, a gorilla charged past a woman and knocked her to the ground.

A New Husband Accidentally Recorded His Wife In March 2016 As A Gorilla Raced By Her And Knocked Her To The Ground

According to The Mirror, Gemma Cosgriff and her husband had been watching animals at Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park when the incident occurred while they were on their honeymoon there.

Even though Cosgriff's fall looked pretty scary, he didn't end up with any serious injuries.

In South Africa, A Lion Killed A Former "Game Of Thrones" Editor By Mauling Him To Death

In 2015, a lioness grabbed hold of graphic effects maker Katherine Chappell, 29, while she was being driven through a lion park in South Africa. Witnesses saw Chappell taking pictures of her surroundings and driving with her windows down just before the lioness attacked, according to Express.

Chappell wasn't in Johannesburg only to take in the sights; rather, the film editor was there as part of a volunteer effort to safeguard animals across the nation.

In Tanzania, An Elephant Charged Towards A Wealthy Traveler And His Guide.

Billionaire Tom Siebel, the founder and CEO of C3 IoT, was in Tanzania about ten years ago on a guided walking tour.

A 6-ton elephant charged the party after being sighted by Siebel and his guide close to a drinking hole. According to Forbes, the beast attacked Siebel, breaking his leg and shattering the iPhone he had in his pocket into 200 pieces. Siebel is one of the lucky few who lived through such a serious attack, even though he had to have 16 surgeries to save his leg.

Victim Of A Leopard Attack

2015 saw Curtis Plumb, a safari guide, traveling in an open-top Jeep with a party of vacationers. The party came into contact with a leopard while on the Kruger Park excursion. As the tourists took pictures of the animal in peace, Plumb halted the automobile. The leopard suddenly got inside the car and charged the group.

When Plumb attempted to escape with the assistance of the tourists, the animal dove on him. This ultimately worked, enabling him to recount the tale. Unfortunately, the leopard was shot, and the safari guide was seriously hurt.

Leopard in a safari in africa
Leopard in a safari in africa

Hippo Ambush

When a Florida woman was attacked by a hippopotamus while on an African wildlife tour, what was supposed to be an unforgettable birthday trip took a sad turn.

In December 2018, a woman and her husband went on a guided canoe safari along the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe to celebrate the woman's 37th birthday.

The group initially attempted to paddle past a herd of hippos on the right bank of the river, but one of the creatures surfaced, flipped the canoe, and dragged the woman under the water.

Fortunately, one of the tour leaders was able to grasp the woman and pull her to safety on the edge of the river.

People Also Ask

Do People Ever Get Hurt On Safari?

Every year, millions of tourists visit Africa for safaris, and on average, "maybe one tourist per year dies as a result of wild animals." Even though it's very rare for people to die on African safaris, all wildlife encounters are dangerous because wild animals are so unpredictable.

How Often Do Safaris Go Wrong?

Large animals rarely pose serious harm to humans. Every two years, on average, one fatal animal attack makes the news. Therefore, we calculate that the likelihood of being involved in such an incident is exceedingly low roughly 1 in 80,000.

How Safe Is A Safari?

Safaris in Africa are secure. Most tourists who travel to Africa for a safari have a completely safe experience. The risks you take and whether you decide to heed wise counsel will determine how safe your African safari is. Unexpected events do, of course, occur everywhere and at any time, and safaris are no exception.


These accidents in safaris serve as a reminder that even when you're traveling with an experienced guide, animals can still be unpredictable.

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